I love assisting people in becoming more empowered in all areas of their life, above all to trust their own inner knowing.   All the tools and systems I work with support you in accessing your own inner power.

Sometimes that means being willing to let go of energy that is stuck in the past or future: blame, regret, worry, with Radical Forgiveness.    

The World is as We Are

It means understanding how we co-create our experience of life according to our core beliefs.   ‘The world is as we are’, said an Indian sage.    Through Radical Forgiveness and its natural companion, Radical Manifestation, we are empowered towards Radical Living, a life of self-responsibility, creativity and fulfilment.

Accessing your inner power can mean having a safe space wherein you can be profoundly honest with yourself in ways that might initially seem challenging but which are ultimately liberating.

At the same time it means having access to natural products to take care of our physical and emotional wellbeing, as with the use of doTERRA’s wonderful range of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  

Wellbeing as Contribution

Creating wellbeing is a worthy endeavour!   It not only benefits you personally but it is my firm belief that the more we achieve a grounded, integrated and flexible state of wellbeing, the better position we are in to make a real contribution to the world around us.  

The world needs  us to be the best we can be: alive, empowered, congruent, accountable and self-responsible.

Wellbeing is best achieved by a holistic approach and supported by a willingness to come to a place of genuine empowerment,  healthy self-esteem and grounded spirituality.

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Rose has coached me via Skype on several occasions in her capacity as a Radical Forgiveness Master Coach.

I found her to be professional, organised and totally dependable.

I felt supported during the sessions and her of intuition and understanding of my process was very appreciated.

Rose has a warm personality and a great sense of humour and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a safe pair of hands to support them through their process.

Photo of Holy Isle, off Arran Island, Scotland, a special place in Fiona’s world.

Fiona, Scotland

It has been a privilege to work with Rose Tobin.

Thanks to the technology of Skype, we have been able to connect easily and naturally from my home in Colorado to hers in Dublin, Ireland.

She is present, insightful and has an innate understanding of Radical Forgiveness.

I come away from sessions with Rose enlightened, calm and peaceful.

I recommend her services highly and am very grateful for them.

Colorado, USA

Dulce Bell-Bulley, Colorado

Astrologer, Astology by Dulce

As a spiritual being having this particular human experience, I have personally gone through several stages of “the dark night of the soul.”

Thanks to Rose and her “Life of Integrity Coaching”, I was able to build the needed inner peace so that I could hear clearly my own guidance.

Rose has been of great assistance as well as her well-designed program, giving me the support I was looking for so that I could be on full self-power again.

Maria Blanco, Mexico

El Atelier de Maria Blanco