Looking for a breakthrough in spiritual awareness?

Searching for more meaning and purpose in life?

Wondering why things happen as they do?

Want to let go of the pain of the past, but don’t know how?

Angry? Depressed? Life not working? Health problems?

Then RADICAL Forgiveness May Be the Answer for You



Deeper Meaning and Purpose

Radical Forgiveness helps you let go of the anger, blame, resentment and judgement around the situations that have kept your energy blocked.

You will begin to see a deeper meaning and purpose in all that you may have suffered in the past (or are suffering now), find yourself a little more willing to surrender to what is – as is, and more open to trusting that the loving hand of the Divine is (and was) present at all times, and become aware that you are being taken care of in every moment.



First Encounter of a Radical Kind

Do you find that when a major turning point in your life happens, that you can sometimes remember the exact place you were and what you were doing?

Well, that is how I remember my first encounter with Radical Forgiveness in September 2013.

I had downloaded an audio-book of Colin Tipping reading from his book and was listening to it on the way to meeting a friend for coffee.    It had been a difficult summer, a difficult year, really.    I was in the throes of what felt like a very deep dark night of the soul.    Somewhere within I had a faint yet persistent knowing that this trying time had its purpose, but finding that purpose was proving very elusive and painful!

In retrospect, I see that time as a major turning point in my life, and this encounter with Radical Forgiveness was a major catalyst and one of the greatest gifts I had ever received.

Anyway, here I was driving along Foster’s Avenue on an autumn day, listening to Colin.   He was saying that the harsh, cruel, challenging things that seem to happen to us in life are actually happening for us.     That idea in itself wasn’t new to me, but I liked the way he put it.

But where he really got my attention was when he talked about tools that could act as a bridge between the human part of me that was confused and hurt and my spiritual intelligence which understood the big picture perfectly.   Then he talked me through one of those tools, the 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness, and I could feel a shift immediately: peace, calm, acceptance and a much more kindly attitude towards those I felt had wronged me.

Within a week, I had enrolled in coach training, as I knew that this was part of my life’s work.    I have seen people I’ve worked with make profound changes while coming to a much deeper understanding of themselves and their soul’s purpose.

This stuff works, folks!