Rose with Colin Tipping

Rose has been personally trained by Colin Tipping.

She is a Radical Living, Radical Forgiveness Master Coach and Workshop Facilitator.


Rose is also a credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation.


Early life

I was born in Long Island, New York, to Irish parents, and moved to Ireland at the age of nine to live with my grandmother.   My siblings also moved to Ireland for their education.  

My grandmother’s house was on the West Coast of Ireland (the Wild West!).

The beauty of its setting as well as its relative remoteness fostered in me what became a lifelong love of spirituality and an inner life.   

As with many spiritually minded people I have met throughout my life, this also presented an ongoing challenge to balance a rich inner life with the practicalities of ordinary life.  

I wavered back and forth with this balance, sometimes getting it right, sometimes swinging to one end or other of the pendulum.  

Few families are without their challenges and mine was no exception. 

But it can be through these very challenges that we hone our strengths, find purpose and meaning, and emerge much stronger than if all had been smooth sailing.  

Families are made up of people, and people have their own pain, struggles, their own paths to forge.   



Some of the personal “hats” I’ve worn and experiences along the way.    Each one has given and taught me so much.

  • 28-year marriage to Noel, my soul mate
  • Parent of two twenty-somethings
  • Third baby died shortly after birth
  • Nursed my mother and grandmother through their final illness
  • Caregiver for my mother-in-law for almost a year
  • Love reading, music, walks, nature, travel



Training and work experience

  • Secondary school: Ursuline Convent,  Thurles,   Tipperary.
  • B.A. English, Latin and Music: University College Dublin
  • Higher Diploma in Education: University College Dublin
  • Secondary/high school teacher for several years
  • Diploma in Counselling Skills, Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Graduate of CoachU’s Core Essentials Program (
  • Associated Certified Coach: International Coaching Federation
  • Administrator of international educational mail order company for 10 years
  • Explorer and teacher of spiritual and human growth systems (Reiki, colour therapy, meditation)
  • Graduate of Trans4mind personal development training
  • Radical Forgiveness Master Coach and Workshop Facilitator
  • Radical Forgiveness Satori Game Master
  • Radical Forgiveness Energy Body and Chakra Clearing Practitioner
  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate



Head Coach

Honey in mountains

Our family is owned by a beautiful Golden Retriever .

I call her my head coach:  peace and inspiration flow on our walks together.

She sits in on classes and sessions, bringing her own loving energy and innocence.

She’s a great listener, too!