Energy-Body & Chakra Clearing

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 A Profound Radical Forgiveness


An Emotional and Spiritual clearing that transforms negative energy patterns in your etheric field into Love and Forgiveness.


This process is one of many developed by Colin Tipping to help people come to a place of peace and acceptance through the application of Radical Forgiveness.    Energetic patterns of deeply held, and possibly unconscious, emotional pain or the incomplete forgiveness of one or more grievances, can be active in our subtle bodies and chakras (energy centres/data banks).

While many of the tools for Radical Forgiveness can be used by people in the manner of self-help, this process requires a facilitator to apply it, and to provide it in a proper professional setting.

The process can be done with or without physical touch and the client can choose to remain fully clothed throughout.   Stones, oils and sound that are appropriate to each chakra may be used.


Transforming stuck energy

After making an energetic ‘survey’ of where in the chakra system the client is holding energy about a particular person or event, the facilitator works with the client to transform it into the energy of forgiveness – chakra by chakra.

The facilitator uses a pendulum, specific sounds tuned to each chakra, stones and aromatherapy oils in order to transform the energy.


Length of session: the process takes about two hours for people who are already familiar with Radical Forgiveness.    If you are completely new to Radical Forgiveness, it will take about half an hour longer to familiarise you enough with the core principles for the process to make sense to you.


Two hour session:  €90

Two and a half hour session: €110