Rose talks about Radical Forgiveness with Mary d'Arbey Byrne

Free pdf of  Jill’s Story

Chapter 1 of ‘Radical Forgiveness’

 Jill’s story is like a symbolic tale which has resonated for thousands of people around the world.

The details of our lives may be different from hers, but the dynamics of how we interact with the people and events in our world have many parallels with how Jill was interpreting her relationship with her husband.




Read and enjoy.

Does it ring any bells for you?

It did for me!


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RF hearts 1Radical Forgiveness provides a practical yet soul-stirring paradigm for comprehending the events of our lives from the level of the spiritual intelligence which is innate to all of us, whether or not we are conscious of it right here and now.

However, Radical Forgiveness goes further than simply presenting such a possibility.   The huge gift that it offers is a collection of powerful, effective tools that work in ways that might astound you.

  You don’t even have to believe in the paradigm for the tools to work!  All that is required is the willingness to give it a go.

Is there is something about hearing the ‘radical’ combined with ‘forgiveness’ that nudges you in some way?

I can remember getting that same nudge.    That was enough for me to follow that intuitive knowing and I have never looked back.

Maybe it happened, not to you, but for you

Can you think of a difficult time in your life, maybe the break-up of a relationship, maybe an illness or financial challenge or the loss of a job, that when you look back on it now, with the benefit of hindsight, you think to yourself ‘maybe that happened for a reason’?

And the reason that comes to mind isn’t necessarily that you got a better job or that your health improved.   It’s great if that happened (!), but you might also sense that the reason had something to do with your emotional and/or spiritual growth.

 Perhaps the experience matured you, nudged you to be more compassionate towards yourself or others, or forced you to look within yourself (‘is it something I’m doing?’) rather than blame someone else.

Radical Forgiveness suggests not only that some things happen for a reason, but that everything does.    That reason may not be obvious on a day-to-day practical level, what Radical Forgiveness calls the World of Humanity.

However, on the level of our higher self, our soul, our inner self, whatever you want to call it, it is as though there is a spiritual intelligence at work which we often can only recognise in hindsight.


RF book cover1There are times when you may wish to have support or feedback along the way.

In my own RF journey, I did many worksheets and processes for myself, and they worked really well.

 Then I treated myself with the opportunity to be coached through some of the processes by a fellow RF coach.

 This has been the catalyst for huge shifts and aha! moments that would have taken me much longer on my own.

If you ever feel you would like a coaching sessions, or a series of sessions, feel free to contact me and we can have an initial complimentary phone or Skype conversation.


Marianne Williamson

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How Radical Forgiveness changes lives!

I first met Rose when she came to our meditation group to give us a talk about a modality called Radical Forgiveness. I found myself nodding away at everything Rose had to say, and she did so in a beautiful, clear, loving way.

During that talk, she guided us through a couple of processes – and I could feel the shifts so strongly.  I knew I couldn’t wait to participate in a Radical Forgiveness Book Club facilitated by Rose.

This exceeded all expectations and so I participated in the Satori game, several one-to-one sessions as well as two Radical Forgiveness group days.

Maire Ros O'Rahilly

Coach and Therapist

Rose has coached me via Skype on several occasions in her capacity as a Radical Forgiveness Master Coach.

I found her to be professional, organised and totally dependable.

I felt supported during the sessions and her of intuition and understanding of my process was very appreciated.

Rose has a warm personality and a great sense of humour and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a safe pair of hands to support them through their process.

Photo of Holy Isle, off Arran Island, Scotland, a special place in Fiona’s world.

Fiona, Scotland

I became very interested the moment I heard about the title from a friend.

Not long before I could see and feel a change in me for the better.  Straight away I could resonate with the book’s contents and could not wait to read and read and then go back and digest it.

The idea of not having to believe or accept anything appealed to me very much – just to be willing to surrender.  Beautiful and very acceptable.

My issues became much less traumatic and I was much more detached and became an Observer.  As I went along I reduced the judgments and handed it over to a Higher Power, seeing the perfection even if it was not visible to me at the time.   I could feel my true power in different difficult situations.

I had a great hesitancy about exploring the Radical Forgiveness worksheet – like a block as I did not want to bring up all the old wounds again.  I decided to meet my coach for an individual session which was very therapeutic, and a powerful healing shift took place.

This was a great relief for me.  I could feel an energy shift after the session.

I found the meditations (13 step processes) very healing and relaxing.  I loved the spiritual music at the end (Karen’s songs).   I say the 4 Step prayer most days with my other stuff.

I hope to continue practising the sheets and reading the book.

Gertie Cull, Dublin

Therapist and Healer

I had 4 sessions with Rose, working on a specific issue – the relationship with my father (or rather the lack of). I knew that it was a pretty deep place I had to go to and felt that I needed some help with it.

Rose provided a very safe space for this journey and guided me through the process with great ease, using the RF tools and her intuition. She took me through the Sartori Breathing process, followed by Mandala artwork. This combination seemed to work brilliantly for me in terms of accessing deep emotions as well as getting to express them creatively.

Between the sessions my homework was to write the different letters to my father and then I would read them out aloud (one at each session) to Rose, followed by the Satori and art work.

The amount of energy and emotional charge that shifted during these 4 sessions is absolutely phenomenal to me.  It helped me get in touch with feelings I had buried so deep within me I wasn’t even able to feel them at all when we started – I just had a sense of complete disconnect. To after the last session, where I actually felt a very deep love for my father, and could feel his love for me as well.

But it didn’t only affect how I feel about my father.  It has had a ripple effect on my feelings towards my ex-partner and really helped me heal something that was hurting very deep within me.

I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for this work and how it has helped me find peace and feel whole within, in an area I didn’t even know how to approach. Rose makes an excellent coach to take you through this process an
d accompanies you on the journey in a very caring, safe and empowering manner.

Thank you so much!

Liz Svensson

Kinesiologist and Wellness Advocate

I had never heard of this course till a friend told me about it, but when he did I knew straight away that I wanted to do it.  This is the tenth and last week and I simply can’t believe the transformation that has taken place in my life.

It is not as if I feel I did anything to deserve this peace.  I just turned up, read the book and I was open and willing to surrender to the possibility that there was another way of looking at all the painful lessons that happened in my life.

I am so grateful to Rose and the group for what has taken place and so thankful to my spirit for taking me here.  I know that it is divine timing from beginning to end.

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough and Rose has been incredible throughout: deeply committed and compassionate.   Her deep love for humanity touches your soul.    Thank you.

Anthony McMahon, Dublin and Monaghan

I have had a copy of the Radical Forgiveness book on my shelves for at least ten years and mostly it stayed on the shelf!

I thoroughly enjoyed the book study group, the experience of sharing and being heard, as well as hearing myself, that is hearing myself read out loud and also hearing myself expressing parts of me that I hadn’t been able to do before now.  It felt like this listening touched my cells.

I’ve done so many workshops over the years and am a therapist.  I’ve learnt from each one but I was still finding parts of my life very challenging.   With this study group, when I think of what I have gained from it, the words ‘spiritual cop-on’ came to mind.

I realised how tired I was of the blame game and that if I wanted to evolve it was time to let go of the charge around my stories.     The image that came to me was that I had built armour around my heart and that this was now melting.

I became much more able to stand back from my stories and am increasingly feeling a deep inner peace.

Carmel Walsh, Dublin

Craniosacral Therapist, Sound Therapist

My initial feeling on hearing of ‘Radical Forgiveness’ was – ‘why would I need that?  Ah sure, I’ll go along and listen to the talk!’

During the one-hour talk on Radical Forgiveness Rose facilitated a Self-Forgiveness process.   To say that I experienced a huge shift during the following week is to put it mildly.   It was profound!   I was hooked!

I signed up immediately to participate in the book study group.

The overall experience was amazing.  I accessed areas of my life that I had never accessed.  I experienced a physical release from an ongoing painful condition.

I became aware of my creative ability and am definitely more calmly aware of my part in all the daily dramas of life.

Rose is a fabulous facilitator.

Noelle Quinn, Dublin