Sessions and fees


People require varying amounts of time for individual sessions, depending on the depth of what they are looking at within their lives, as well as the processes that are most appropriate to them at a given time.

Therefore, what seems to me to be the fairest way to set a fee scale is to structure it according to the time involved.  This also empowers you as a client to choose the options which best suit your needs and circumstances.

Available options and therapies:

  • Radical Forgiveness Coaching and classes
  • Life Coaching
  • Sound Therapy Individual sessions
  • Aroma Touch Essential oil treatment


There will be times when the combination of a life coaching or Radical Forgiveness session plus a sound therapy treatment or an Aroma Touch essential oils treatment will be perfect for you, to get free of old stuck energy and at the same time to receive the benefits of a nurturing, relaxing application of essential oils.



One hour:  €50

One and a half hours: €75

Two hours:  €90

Two and a half hours: €110