Wholehearted Mindfulness

Wholehearted Mindfulness is about the integration of heart and mind, as well as the integration of our meditation time with our life in the world.  We will explore some basic mindfulness practices with an emphasis on loving-kindness, compassion and groundedness.

Drop-in classes on either Tuesday morning 10.30 to 12.30 a.m. or Tuesday evening 7.30 to 9.30.  Mornings suit some people and evenings others so this allows for both options.

These classes will  be suitable for newcomers to meditation and also for people who have been meditating for years.

The classes will run for two hours and include:

·  Grounding and breathing practice.

•  Short discussion on main topic i.e. loving-kindness or present moment awareness, with approximately 30 minutes of total meditation practice.

·  Break: tea and chat

·  Mini-meditations: short exercises that only take a minute or two and can be used throughout your day or when life gets challenging.    These are proving to be very helpful to people who have attended the classes.

• More time for group discussion, including focusing on the attributes of mindfulness such as acceptance, curiosity, trust and a beginner’s mind.

Meetup Group: for updates about Wholehearted Mindfulness classes and events, join the Wholehearted Mindfulness Meetup group:  https://www.meetup.com/Wholehearted-Mindfulness/

Attendance: Please let me know you are coming by text to 089-4855727, email to rosaleentobin@eircom.net or by RSVP on the Meetup Group; thank you!

Cost:  To make the classes affordable and to allow for the reality that different people have different financial situations, I am suggesting a sliding scale of between €15 and €8 per class.

No-one needs to commit to coming every week, though regular attendance will greatly enhance your experience.